We Need To Find Blue!

By Avalon Kelly

Lounging on the couch, Emma and Jo worked on their history notes and listened to Taylor Swift.  Jo got up, in need of a break after a couple long minutes of studying; “Blue, where are you?” she inquired as she scouted the house, searching for her sneaky gray cat (ironically named Blue).  Jo searched the cupboards and the beds, the bathroom and the garage—but there was no sign of that crafty cat anywhere!

“Emma, get up,” demanded Jo, “We need to find Blue!”  Lazily, Emma arose from her spot on the couch and followed Jo’s hurried frame out the front door.  She hung around the doorstep as she watched Jo strap on her helmet and board her electric scooter.

On a mission to discover the missing feline, Jo zipped up and down the court, scouring every kitten hiding place: the neighbors’ bushes, that family’s roof, this house’s roses.  She would not stop until she had succeeded.  Looking back toward her own house, Jo spotted Emma lazing carelessly in the doorframe.  “What are you doing?  Help me find her!” she reprimanded.  Emma laughed and strode outside.  With exaggerated movements, she crawled around the court and called for Blue.  “Finally she’s doing something useful,” Jo muttered under her breath.

The sun had set, and it became dark out in the court.  Jo had lost her cat; Emma, her mind.  “Let’s just go inside,” advised Emma, “I’m sure she’s just hiding in there.”

“No!  Maman will be so mad if I lost her!” worried Jo, “I think she ran outside when you came in the front door!”

Emma brushed the dirt off her hands and strolled inside.  Waiting on the couch, Blue eyed her with a careful mix of caution and curiosity.  “Blue!  Jo, I found Blue!” she celebrated, relieved that the search was complete.  Jo scootered back to her house, the electric scooter sputtering to a stop as its final ounce of battery drained.  Ignoring the helmet still on her head, she charged into the living room, but only to find a lonely Emma.

“Where is she?” seethed Jo.

Assuredly, Emma comforted her friend, “She was right here!  I promise.  She just ran away because she was scared!”

Jo shut the door behind her and began searching the house (once again), helmet still atop her head.  Emma rolled her eyes and sat down to complete her history notes due the next day.  Thus concludes the story of the never-ending search for Jo’s lost—but not really lost—cat (based on true events).