Sinatra Season

By Madeline Crowley

As winter creeps its way closer and the weather becomes increasingly gloomier and cold, there grows an intense desire to grab a cup of hot cocoa, put on some pajamas, and cuddle up on the couch. During this sunless season, Frank Sinatra never fails to provide the ideal tune for your mood on a dreary day. The smooth, jazzy tune of his voice and background instruments provide an ever-so-comforting feeling to all listeners. His songs are perfect for listening while doing homework, baking festive foods, or simply getting cozy for a nap especially during the cooler months of the year.  His variety of songs include some of the best-sung Christmas classics for the holiday season. Hearing the sweet melody of Sinatra’s voice instantly strikes me with a feeling of happiness as it is associated with many happy memories and feeling loved. In particular, the song “The Way You Look Tonight” is a perfect display of his wholesome lyrics. They all give the effect of being wrapped in a warm blanket and consoled. Find out what you’re missing out on by getting yourself a cup of hot cocoa and turning on some Sinatra for the season!