Ahead of the Trends: Pipa Hardin 

By Amelie Arango 

Consistently stunning in their pink outfits, senior Pipa Hardin cannot be missed. She never goes wrong with lots of layers, impressive makeup, and her signature pink hair. Their love of fashion is evident in their ability to pair any two pieces together. Her friend, Isabelle Senghor, admires her style, describing it as, “Bold yet chic, and diverse…she loves to change up what she wears every now and then, she can basically dress to any style because she knows and tries so many.” I was lucky enough to interview the style icon herself for The Shield. 

What are three words to describe your style? 

It’s kinda hard to only choose a few words to describe my style but I would say it’s non-conforming, eye-catching, and unique!

Who/What are your fashion icons?

I have a lot of fashion icons but the most that contribute to my style are Lady Gaga, Dennis Rodman, Lana Del Rey, Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, Rico Nasty, and A$AP Rocky. I love each of their styles so much!

What is your go-to item in your closet? 

My go-to item in my closet is a basic white tank top. It’s so versatile and simple so I am able to add on various accessories and patterns on top of it.

Where do you get your clothes from? 

I get my clothes from everywhere but most of them are thrifted from goodwill. I also steal some clothes from my mom’s closet.

What is a fashion trend you love? 

A fashion trend I love is the platform doc martens. I love my docs so much and they always make my outfits just look a tad bit nicer and they have lasted me forever.

What is a fashion trend you hate? 

An outfit trend I hate is the jeans with the graphic designs on it. I think it looks tacky and not very cute. Graphic jeans are out of style, there are better options!

How long do you spend planning outfits? 

I usually put my outfits together the night before and it takes me about 30 minutes to an hour to decide what my outfit will be. I often panel through my whole closet pairing accessories and clothes and experimenting with them to see what looks best. Sometimes I end up not feeling the vibe of the outfit the next day when I put it on and start over!