Thanks for Josh Allen

The holiday season is a time to reflect on all that you are grateful for. However, every Sunday my family and I count our graces as we turn on our TV and watch the beauty of a six five-man step on the football field: Josh Allen. After years of waiting for a savior, in 2018 with the 7-round pick the Buffalo Bills selected Josh Allen. Josh Allen completely turned the team around with the help of the general manager Brandon Beane, who built the team around Allen. All thanks to Josh, the Bills have a real shot at winning the Super Bowl. Thankfully, he is still healthy, especially since Allen has jumped over four players. Since his rookie year, “Air Allen,” as the team calls him, has been flying sky-high in order to progress the ball. Furthermore, Allen’s ability to use his legs has been key in their victory. With the new generation emerging, quarterbacks need to be able to get out of the pocket and maintain accuracy. There is never a time I am worried about Allen and his ability to win games. Josh currently leads the league in yards, touchdowns, and completion percentage. Not only is Allen the best quarterback in the league, but he also perfectly fits into the Buffalo community. Allen works closely with Oishei, a children’s hospital in Buffalo, donating copious amounts and volunteering his time. In his name, almost three million dollars has been raised. In addition, he often visits residents in hospitals, spending time talking to each patient individually. Allen is very personable, sending merchandise to young fans. Most recently, a young girl saved her brother from a burning building and suffered full-body burns. After hearing her story, Allen sent shoes from the previous game which he signed and personalized. His outstanding personality and unhumanlike ability make Josh without a doubt the best quarterback in the league and someone I am very thankful for.