Captivating Skies

By Madeline Crowley

Magical, serene, and beautiful, sunsets contain the prettiest oranges of them all. Tons of people take for granted the jaw-dropping murals that cover the sky each night before darkness. The first experience of watching a really colorful sunset is incomparable to that of any other firsts in your life. An indescribable feeling of wonder, tranquility, and appreciation for mother nature comes over you as it seems the world stands still and time comes to a stop. Then comes the urge to stare into the mysterious mural of the sky. However, you are quickly reminded of the strength of the sun when you stare for too long and it sends a shock of pain through your eye sockets and into your head. Many individuals believe that when a loved one passes away, they are the ones who paint the sky its bright colors of orange each night to remind you of their love. When asked to name a positive effect of pollution, no eminent answer comes to mind. As it turns out, polluted skies deepen the hues of orange in sunsets to create an unmatched display. It is not only the captivating colors that give a sunset its magnitude, but equally the act of watching the day end right before your eyes in such a beautiful way. It emulates the emotion when lots of work has been completed and there is a feeling of reward to end it all. A popular phenomenon states that the second the rim of the sun dips below the horizon, a flash of green covers the sky. Is this really true? Maybe it happens so fast that we continue to miss it every night. Certainly, if you watch enough sunsets one day you may see it for yourself. Undeniably, there is no better end to a long day than watching the sky change colors.