TJ’s Pumpkin Spice Review

By Sinchana Holla and Sophie Schwarz

The signature flavor of fall is pumpkin spice. Yes, pumpkin spice deserves a season of recognition, but it can become overwhelming. Will pumpkin spice hummus taste good? Pumpkin soup? Collectively, we have taste tested five pumpkin spice items and compiled them into a review. 

Honest reviews in 3..2..1.. 

Pumpkin cookies: 10/10

This cookie was the perfect mix of salty, sweet, crunchy and smooth with the perfect amount of pumpkin spice flavor throughout. It’s structured like an oreo with two round pumpkin spice cookies filled with a creamy filling, however, this one is covered with a delicious pumpkin spice yogurt. The two cookies add a nice crunch. The filling adds a creamy, frosting-like pumpkin flavor. Lastly, the yogurt covering that surrounds the entire cookie adds a smooth and thin coat of pumpkin flavor. There are also little pieces of salt that help compliment the sweetness throughout the cookie. Overall, these cookies are the perfect treat to eat when you want something pumpkin spice flavored. 

Pumpkin spice hummus: 3/10

Hummus is a savory food, and in my opinion, it should never try to be anything else. This pumpkin spice flavored hummus had a strange pumpkin flavor that was too sweet.Although the hummus did have a pumpkin flavor, it did not have any spice, it just tasted like a sweet pumpkin hummus. Overall, if you’re looking for weird and somewhat disgusting pumpkin flavored foods, this one’s for you. 

Pumpkin spice madeleine: 5/10

Although there was nothing wrong with the cookie itself, it did not taste like pumpkin which is why we rated it a 5/10. The cookie itself is good and tastes like a normal madeleine with a very small amount of pumpkin flavor which adds an orange color.. 

Pumpkin wafers: 8/10 

This wafer is a long , 8-inch, pipe-shaped snack, filled with pumpkin spice cream. The filling has the perfect amount of sweetness, with the right amount of pumpkin spice. The wafer is crunchy with a soft cream filling inside. This wafer gets a few points docked off because of the wafer to filling ratio. Theratio is uneven and could use more cream. The size and length of the wafer is perfect and proves to be an amazing snack, making one crave more. 

Pumpkin bisque soup: 5.5/10

This bisque is smooth and velvety with no chunks of squash or pumpkin. Personally, I avoid perfectly smooth soup because of the texture and would have preferred having chunks to bite into. The flavor is surprisingly sweet— a little bit too sweet. Although there is a savory aspect to the soup, which is the pumpkin spice, the sweetness overpowers it. It’s creamy, and there are a variety of herb flavors: garlic, tahini, and onion.