The Meaning Of Midnight

By Isabel Kikoshima

As the clock strikes midnight, one day ends and a new one begins. Just as the clock turns another hour, the date also changes at midnight. In human imagination and culture, midnight represents a belief in the power of magic during the night. In addition, the time also symbolizes the zenith of the female principle, where the unconscious powers have power over the conscious powers. This is due to the fact that many people sleep and are deep within their dreams during the night. Midnight also represents the entanglement and confusion, since this is when the solar revelation begins. Likewise, this is a time when people are most vulnerable to spiritual attacks and bad dreams since many are deep in their slumbers. Another interpretation of midnight in some Slavic languages is that the word for “midnight” and “north” are the same– highlighting how these two concepts paralleled each other in ancient times. Thus, midnight also symbolizes a time of innocence and vulnerability in the world because many humans are sleeping.