Snooze at Four

By Ojas Joshi

It hits you like a wave: slow and steady, and then all at once. It consumes you, burns your brain to shreds, lulls your eyes shut, and puts you right to sleep. There was you before and now there is you after. Life as it was seems to have disappeared, replaced by a frayed consciousness devoid of logic. Omnipotent and ubiquitous, the 4pm crash shows no mercy.

This phenomenon is caused by our bodies natural circadian rhythm, a cycle that causes the ups and downs we feel during the day. Our bodies are supposed to feel tired during the afternoon, but there are factors that can exacerbate this condition. A lack of sleep, excessive stress, eating poorly, and dehydration are all possible causes of a particularly nasty case of the afternoon shlump. However, there are still things we can do to combat midday fatigue. Exercising and taking a nap are my personal favorites, as they provide a fast and effective cure. In the long run, prioritizing sleep and eating healthy are important to avoid the 4pm burnout.

Ultimately, the 4pm burnout is just a natural part of our bodies clock, a clock that does not correspond well with our social lives.