Fall Feels 

By Sydney Reese

The warm breeze 

The sweet scents 

The colorful trees 

The Halloween events 

Fuzzy socks 

Thick sweaters 

Leaf covered rocks 

Scattered bird feathers 

Glowing candles 

Round pumpkins 

Hay bale bundles 

Decoration bins 

Pumpkin pie 

Warm drinks   

Leaves gently float by 

The cozy window seat  

Finally the best season has arrived

The most cozy and warm 

My favorite season of all time 

I can’t wait for the leaves to transform 

Whenever fall rolls around 

I catch myself smiling all the time 

Bright colored leaves fall to the ground 

Always twirling in the soft sunshine 

My shoes crush crispy leaves 

My stomach growls at the fresh baked meals 

My hair rustles in the soft breeze 

And I realize, I love the way fall feels