Meet the Coaches

By Sydney Reese

The end of summer brings not only the start of a new school year, but also the start of high school sports. Looking ahead to the fall, winter, and spring seasons, many coaching changes have been made to various programs. The Westmont community wanted to welcome these coaches by featuring them in The Shield and giving a little bit of background. If you see these amazing coaches on campus, give them a wave and welcome them to the Westmont athletic community! 

Adam Perez

Varsity Field Hockey Coach 

Stepping up first to the plate is not only a baseball player, teacher, and Athletic Director, but also one of the new coaches for field hockey, Adam Perez! With his kind eyes and a bright smile, Coach Perez does it all! From teaching history to overseeing the athletic department at Westmont, he’s always building up the Westmont sports community. In high school, he played football, baseball, and one year of basketball, then continued his baseball career for four years in college. Not only an experienced player, but also an experienced coach, Coach Perez coached baseball at both the Junior College and High School level and worked a number of camps that encompassed a large variety of sports. Furthermore, for two years at both Westmont High School and Christopher High School, he was the head baseball coach. In terms of field hockey, his connection to this sport came from his wife. Mrs. Perez not only played Division I field hockey in the Big Ten Conference at the University of Iowa, but also impressively played on the United States developmental team for a few years. She is currently the field hockey head coach at Christopher High School and it will be a fun rivalry between the couple as they bring their teams to compete against each other. Appreciative of his wife, he expresses, “over the years of watching her play and coach, I’ve grown a true love and appreciation for the sport.” Continuing and building on the encouraging and inclusive culture of the Westmont field hockey program, Coach Perez is looking forward to preparing, instructing, and developing Westmont’s student-athletes into responsible, accountable, and caring individuals, not just athletes. His office is always open to any students or athletes who have any questions about sports on campus. Overall, Coach Perez is a large part of the Westmont community and Westmont appreciates all his hard work and dedication. 

Liz Jarrett 

JV Field Hockey Coach and Girls Varsity Soccer Assistant Coach 

Energetic and always smiling, Liz Jarrett is excited to coach both the JV field hockey team and the varsity soccer team. In terms of field hockey, her connection to the sport is through her daughter, Molly Jarrett, who has played for the last six years. While there is a lot to learn in terms of coaching a sport with so many random rules, Mrs. Jarrett will still positively impact the Westmont field hockey community with a joyful attitude. On the other hand, her connection with soccer goes way back. She has played the sport since she was a little girl, all throughout high school, and even tried out for the soccer team at Santa Clara University. While she unfortunately was cut, that year, SCU, along with North Carolina, tied for CO-league champions. Well known professional players today, both Brandy Chastain (SCU) and Mia Hamm (NCU) played during that year. In the past Coach Jarrett has not only coached girls varsity soccer, but also boys varsity volleyball, boys varsity track, boys JV soccer and boys varsity soccer (as an assistant). While she is a versatile coach of many talents, she was also a versatile player and throughout high school she ran track (100m and 200m, relay, high jump, shot put), was a diver, and played soccer. Then in college, she played lacrosse and as an adult she stuck with soccer. Sadly she had to stop playing soccer due to 2 knee surgeries. However, that has not stopped her from coaching the sport she loves! Overall, Coach Jarrett is a woman of many talents and a diverse athletic background. She is excited to see the girls grow into young women and athletes at the school she loves so dearly. As a Westmont alumni, a Westmont teacher, a Westmont parent, and a Westmont coach, Coach Jarrett is a huge fan of the Westmont Warriors and always brings the community a bright smile. 

Katelynn Mullen 

Girls Water Polo Coach 

Not only a PE teacher, but also a new Water Polo coach, Katelynn Mullen is excited for this season! Sports have always been a big part of her life and still are to this day. She’s played sports all her life and enjoys the competitive aspect. Some sports she’s been involved with in the past are soccer, water polo, track and field, dance, and even capture the flag. Coach Mullen actually played in a capture the flag league. She also coached a lot of different teams in the past as well. She’s coached soccer, swim team, basketball, and now, water polo! Her favorite sport to watch would be football. She is a ride or die 49ers fan and has been since birth! You can catch her at Levi Stadium for many of the home 9ers games. Coach Mullen is very excited for this year of coaching. She enjoys coming out everyday to a great group of athletes and learning a lot from her fellow coaches. Coach Mullen always takes pride in being a Westmont Warrior! 

Brian Soto 

Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach

Young and experienced, Brian Soto is excited to coach the girls varsity volleyball team here at Westmont. In high school, Coach Soto not only played volleyball, but also football. After high school he joined the military, throughout his time there he played in a variety of volleyball leagues and ended up playing as the setter for the club team at California State University Monterey Bay. Not only did Coach Soto play volleyball in college, but also coached for the last three years. As an experienced player of 20 years and an experienced coach of 3 years, coach Soto is excited to build up the volleyball program and encourage the players to reach a high level of play. As an intense, yet compassionate and encouraging coach, Coach Soto values adaptability, perseverance, and heart in his players and strives to compete with these ideals. Overall, Coach Soto is excited to pursue his passion, coach close to home, and meet the Westmont family.

Trevor Naas 

Girls Varsity Basketball Coach 

As a high school basketball coach for the past 18 years, Trevor Naas is excited to continue his coaching career at Westmont. He’s most excited to continue to build upon the team’s recent success and develop the Westmont girls basketball program to be the best it can. So far, through open gyms and some summer training, he has truly enjoyed working with the girls in the basketball program and is excited for the fall season. Furthermore, Coach Naas is excited to be able to coach in the same community that he lives in. No longer having to commute, he will be able to coach at the same high school his kids will eventually attend. In the past, he has coached both girls and boys basketball, volleyball, and track and field at Columbia Middle School where he also taught PE For a little while, he also coached his son’s Little League baseball team. While basketball is his favorite sport to watch, he is also a fan of the SF Giants baseball team and 49ers football team. Back in high school, Coach Naas played both football and basketball at Soquel High School in Santa Cruz. Overall, excited for the girls varsity basketball season and excited to be a part of the community, Coach Naas will contribute immensely to the Westmont athletic community. 

Suzanne Reese

Girls Varsity Basketball Assistant Coach 

Not just an amazing coach, but also my amazing mom, Suzanne Reese is excited to be an assistant coach for the girls varsity basketball team this year! As a Westmont Warrior alumni, she is excited to be a part of the community she grew up in. The picture to the right was actually taken at her 30 year Westmont High school reunion. Once a Warrior, always a Warrior. While Coach Reese can be spotted at the bowl, watching her daughter play field hockey,  her son play football, or in the classroom as a substitute teacher, her favorite place on campus is the Westmont gym. (If you check out the athletes on the wall in the gym, Coach Reese is up there!) She loves the fast paced game of basketball and strives to create a fun and encouraging atmosphere for the girls to enjoy the sport, similar to how she enjoyed the sport when she was in high school. After Westmont, she played basketball at Santa Clara and then continued her basketball career by playing professionally in a foreign country. As an experienced coach and player, she is looking forward to building the players’ character both on and off the court. She is also excited to emphasize connection, competition and joy within the upcoming season. Not only did she play basketball at Westmont high school, but also tennis, volleyball, and badminton. She values the relationships that the sports community builds and the healthy exercise habits that sports create that can last a lifetime. Overall, a humble and kindhearted person, but also a knowledgeable and excited coach, Coach Reese is looking forward to helping out the girls varsity team and can not wait for this season! 

Denise Picard

Girls Varsity Soccer Coach 

Not just an amazing teacher, but also an excited coach, Denise Picard looks forward to leading the girls varsity soccer program. Growing up, soccer was a large part of her life and she fell in love with the “beautiful game” at a young age. Amazingly enough, Coach Picard played soccer here at Westmont when she was in high school and, therefore, part of her excitement and motivation comes from her sweet, nostalgic memories playing soccer on the same turf. Similar to the accepting, encouraging environment she effectively creates in the classroom, Coach Picard strives to create that out on the field. She is excited to initiate a positive atmosphere that will undoubtedly bring the soccer program together in ways that hadn’t in the past, involving both the JV girls team and the boys soccer program. While she only coached soccer in the past, Coach Picard enjoys watching both soccer and football, and, as evident in her classroom, she loves the 49ers. Overall, Coach Picard is excited to create a fun, competitive atmosphere that will no doubt result in a great season for the girls soccer team.

Tom and Yan Moore

Varsity Girls Tennis 

Yan Moore and  Tom Moore, a husband and wife team, will be coaching the Westmont girls tennis team this season. Yan will be the primary coach with Tom helping as needed. Tennis is their family sport and they have been playing tennis together for 16 years. Yan grew up in China where she played soccer and Tom is a bay area native. Tom started playing tennis in high school and has been an avid player ever since. Over the years they started coaching their daughter, their son, and their friends. They are excited to coach at Westmont because it provides a chance for them to develop a strong team while sharing the sport that has brought them so much joy. The Westmont athletic community looks forward to having Tom and Yan coach the tennis team!