Westmont Warzone

By Haris Kadich and Melania Metanovic 

The Westmont football team has been training hard all summer to prepare for the upcoming season. The Warriors have a competitive lineup ahead of them with many of BVAL’s top teams on their schedule. Varsity head coach and Westmont teacher, Mark Kaanapu, feels the team is prepared to take on the challenge. He states, “Everyone has been working hard and we are so far ahead where we have ever been with everyone working smarter with great effect.” This season is looking promising for the Warriors after their 63-30 win against the Del Mar Dons as they aim for their first CCS qualification since 2017. Starting quarterback and senior, Zackary Zepeda, says, “I am most excited to play Leigh this season because there is a big rivalry between us…” For the past three seasons, Westmont has come short in defeating Leigh, but this year the team has hopes of beating them. The energy of the Warzone at the first football game vs. Del Mar was fantastic and will hopefully only continue to enhance each game. Pack the Warzone and be there to support our football team!