Warrior Wardrobe: Taylor Casillas

By Olivia Pocat & Larena Tannert

Taylor Casillas has exquisite style: which is why this Westmont senior was chosen for this issue’s “Warrior Wardrobe.” A fockey (field hockey) and basketball player, Taylor (aka Slaygirl or Taygirl05) even has amazing style when she steps on the field or court. Taylor’s teammate, Rachel Griffith, exclaims, “Taylor is my fashion icon, I look forward to seeing Taylor strut down the halls in her fun and fresh fit every morning!” This quote dictates how everyone feels about seeing Taylor’s outfits every morning. Even her English teacher, Andy Evans, has something to say about her style: “If Shakespeare is the king of style in literature, Taylor is the queen of style at Westmont.” I, for one, look forward to seeing the fashion genius’ outfits every day. Here is an exclusive interview conducted with the amazing Taylor herself about her fashion endeavors.

Describe your style in 3 words:

Simplistic, trendy, glamorous. 

Who is your fashion icon?

My mom (Material mama Trish).

What is a go-to clothing item in your closet?

My FLARE JEANS!!!!!! I love love love love my flare jeans so much. Once I discovered flare jeans, my life changed. They work with pretty much every top. Baggy jeans look kinda awkward on me, so I think flare jeans look muchhhhh better. 

Where do you love to shop?

I love shopping at Urban Outfitters, Levi’s, Crossroads, Nordstrom, H&M, Billabong, Brandy Melville, Lululemon, and Converse.

How long do you typically spend choosing an outfit?

It ranges from like 20 to 35 minutes. I’m so indecisive, so choosing outfits is kind of a struggle for me. 

What is a fashion trend you love?

I loveeeeeeeeee tank tops so much. I wear them everyday because of how much I love them. I think they’re so cute and easy to style with anything. There are basic and fun tank tops, and I love them so much.

What is a fashion trend you hate?

I HATE NAVY AND BLACK SO MUCH I HATE IT I HATE IT. I also don’t like when people wear really cute tops with leggings. I just don’t think a cute shirt should be worn with leggings, leggings are meant for comfy and athletic outfits. ESPECIALLY WHEN PEOPLE WEAR ATHLETIC SHOES WITH CUTE OUTFITS. 

What is some fashion advice you have for your classmates?

Please DO NOT WEAR NAVY AND BLACK (except for Sana Sharma). 

Quotes from fellow classmates about Taylor and her amazing style:

“Taylor is my fashion icon, I look forward to seeing Taylor strut down the halls in her fun and fresh fit every morning!” Rachel Griffith

“Her smile compliments every outfit as she takes on the world.” –Annie Carter

“Her exquisite taste in clothing astonishes everyone in her close vicinity.” –Drew Paxton

“She walks through the halls with with such style and simplicity; she really does slay.” – Julia Kemp

“She is so cool and epic 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎.” – Amelia Lipcsei

“Her style is so unique and ever changing. Everyday I am excited to see what new fit she will be wearing.” –Jacqui McClean