The Art of Accessorizing

By Cynthia Andary

Personally, I believe that accessories make an outfit complete. Below are a few ways to level up your outfits with accessories. Starting off with jewelry: first, you need to decide if you prefer gold or silver. Everyone has different preferences, so choose what you like! Earrings, in my opinion, should be worn every day. I like high quality ones that I can leave in. To further expand your horizon, add some bracelets, rings, and necklaces to the mix. One thing I like to do is layer necklaces; it’s easy and simple, yet elevated. I believe that hair can be an accessory too. A quick, low-cost option to change things up is to style your hair in different ways, such as half-up, curly, in braids, bubble braids, or with a clip. Next is nails: having my nails done makes me feel more put together. Do it yourself to save money; consider trying to add a design. Simply enjoy yourself, let your imagination flow, and adopt your own style. Wear what pleases you and make these accessories your own.