5 Fantasy Baseball Players Worth Picking Up

By Rachel Walker 

With fantasy baseball playoffs right around the corner, now is the time to make any last shifts. Here are five players, in no particular order,  to keep an eye out for as the regular season comes to a close. 

5.  Corbin Carroll, OF (Diamondbacks) 

Making his debut just days ago on August 29, Caroll has quickly become a huge part of the Diamondbacks. In his debut, his two-run double helped the D-backs win the game 13-7 against Philadelphia, causing the biggest comeback in franchise history. Currently, he is batting .300 with a 24.2% strikeout rate. This up-incoming player is projected as a top-40 fantasy outfielder, on average producing about ten points per game, he is definitely worth picking up. 

4. Gunner Henderson, SS (Orioles) 

Another player making their debut days ago on August 31, Henderson is another player you should definitely consider picking up. In his first game, he also left an impression on all Orioles fans, with his first major league hit being a homerun 429 feet to right center. With a batting average of .312 and more walks (41) than strikeouts (38) in the last 47 games in the minors, Henderson is no joke. Most likely becoming a utility fielder, Henderson’s bat speaks for itself, making him a guy you are going to want on your fantasy team. 

3.  Alex Cobb, P (Giants) 

Now given, Alex Cobb is not the number one on the Giants, however, if you have an injured pitcher it is worth considering adding him to your roster. In the last 7 games, Cobb’s ERA is 3.32. In the last game he pitched against Minnesota he threw 7K’s in 5 innings.  On average in fantasy, he earns about 11 points per game, and still, he is highly undrafted in fantasy. If you are in need of a pitcher or extra points, Cobb is definitely worth checking out. Throughout the season, Cobb has become more comfortable throwing his own pitches and trusting his catchers. His control is better than ever and he is constantly improving according to Gape Kapler, the Giants head coach. 

2.  Garrett Mitchell, OF (Brewers) 

On August 28, another new prospect made his MLB debut. His batting average is .222 and overall has racked up a total of 3 hits, a homerun, and 5 RBIs. Although off to a slower start, Mitchell is projected to start games and start hitting. On average he earns about 2 fantasy points per game. If a player is hurt or you are in need of an outfielder, Mitchell is one to consider. 

1. Jose Quintana, P (Cardinals) 

Last but certainly not least, pitcher Jose Quintana. With an ERA of 3.83 in the last 7 games, he is becoming a pitcher that could definitely help your fantasy team.  On average, Quintana earns about 9 points per game. ESPN fantasy ranks him as the 20th pitcher and he has a very low draft percentage. Furthermore, unlike some others on this list, he is not a rookie. With experience, he is able to throw the pitches he wants comfortably. He is a starting pitcher for the Cardinals and someone to definitely check out, especially if you have injured players.