Asian Box

By Isabella Brady

Inspired by Vietnamese cuisine and deliciously executed, Asian Box proves an uniquely excellent candidate for the top of your “going out”, “eating in” and “fast-food” list. Regardless of the occasion, the small chain has irresistible food at great prices. 

With the ability to aptly “create your own box” or select an enticing entree, Asian Box offers near limitless opportunities for the customer—whether you’re craving curry, pho, salad or even a sandwich, Asian Box encourages patrons to customize items for themselves. Better yet, all of Asian Box food is created in a gluten-free, tree-nut free kitchen making it a safe destination for people with Celiac disease and other dietary needs.

Likewise, every dish is fittingly arranged in a “box”-like container (these are filled generously, I commonly have leftovers!) and unlike any other fast food chain I’ve tried, every meal is composed of fresh ingredients and a masterfully complex flavor profile. Look at the menu, or, even better, try their food—you’ll see what I mean.