The Rise of Converse

By Isabel Kikoshima

From Chuck 70s, to Chuck Taylors and platforms, Converse has a plethora of styles to choose from. When the Converse All Star first hit the market in 1917, they gained lots of popularity as the world’s first basketball shoe. Today, the brand can be found at almost every store and is certainly a closet staple. Versatile yet cute, Converse can go with any outfit, either casual or dressy. Converse are also known for their affordability. Priced under $100, you can find most of their shoes at modest prices. In addition, Converse provide comfort for all day wear and durability. My pair of Chuck Taylors, for instance, has lasted me four years. Likewise, the brand has also risen to popularity due to its sustainable manufacturing processes. To prevent pollution and global warming, Converse are made with eco-friendly materials, including recycled polyester and organic cotton. Also, the outsoles of the shoes are made with recycled rubber fragments called Crater Foam. No wonder why Converse are so trendy! Adding a pair of these shoes to your closet can bring personality to your style and a comfortable shoe that can be paired with any outfit.