Time Flies

Preventing Infection In Schools

By Sydney Reese

Secretly we’re all Peter Pan 

Afraid to grow old 

Afraid to leave Neverland 

Afraid of what the future will hold 

High school, a very long chapter 

In a book not yet done 

But just a few days ago I was a freshmen 

And high school had just begun 

I feel like I closed my eyes

As this little 5 foot freshie 

Then hopped into a machine where time flies 

And opened my eyes a senior, unsure and unsteady 

Even if the time machine didn’t make me taller 

I know I grew in many ways 

Unfortunately just not above 5’5

But I know I will appreciate these days 

I’m going to miss this 

I’m going to want this back 

I’m going to wish these days 

Didn’t go by so fast 

The days themselves felt long 

But the years felt short 

Walking around campus knowing this will be my last year feels wrong 

Just yesterday I was touring the campus with my LIFE Crew cohort 

I want it to slow down 

I want to stop the falling sand 

But it feels like there’s only a strainer around 

That could keep the sand from falling through my hands 

But I know moments and memories are what this year will hold 

And I realized as everything flew by flashing 

You don’t stop laughing when you grow old

You grow old when you stop laughing