A Mess

By Julia Kemp

Remember the plastic vine I bought on Amazon

You know, the one I hung on my curtain rod

To make my room more green?

The tape fell off

And the corner is hanging low

And I can’t seem to hang it back up

Or the whiteboard near my bed

That I painted pink to match my room

It still has my schedule from last year

And the hearts he drew

And I can’t seem to erase it

And the laundry I did last week

Its sitting in a bin

Right in the middle of the carpet I thrifted

And it’s becoming a skyscraper

And I can’t seem to put it away

I got a planner

I made a to-do list

I took a shower, and cried, and tried

To be clean, and good, and right

But my room is still a mess

And so am I, I think