The Best Summer Album: Solar Power

By Julia Kemp

After a perilous year filled with AP classes, homework galore, and rainy days, summer has finally arrived. This summer, I’ve decided to dedicate myself to complete and utter relaxation. This summer means the end of stress, the end of tears, and the end of furrowed brows. What better way to achieve my summer of bliss than by listening to the genius work of Lorde herself: Solar Power? Lorde’s summer album came out almost a year ago, and I have never heard an album more free spirited and bright. Solar Power is the most summery summer album I have ever witnessed, and I will never stop talking about how amazing it is. From upbeat and glamorous anthems like “Secrets From a Girl (Who’s Seen it All),” “Mood Ring,” and “Solar Power,” to reflective ballads like “Stoned at the Nail Salon,” “The Man with the Axe,” and “Oceanic Feeling,” the New Zealand goddess never fails to ignite that summer feeling within me. The album involves themes of climate change and growing up, themes that speak very strongly to the teenage youth of today who are trying to learn how to grow up in a world that’s falling apart. Solar Power is absolute genius, and I promise that it will serve as the perfect soundtrack for your summer.