One Last Time

By Barry Hirshfeld

Like many other seniors, I have known the majority of my friends since middle school; I have spent some of my best lively experiences with them, and intend to create many more together. Contrary to some of my friends staying in the area, I am attending college in southern California––the beginning of the 2022-2023 collegiate year begins in the fall and thus marks the end of my residence in the bay area. Graduating high school in the fall, many seniors realize they will soon face college’s harsh distance-plagued reality––they are most likely not going to see their friends for some time once the 2022 Fall academic quarter and semesters begin––and they must make the most of their last summer before college.

Starting off the summer strong––me and my friends are going to Cabo, Mexico to an all-exclusive resort for a week. An ideal location for a senior trip, it has pristine beaches and seaside activities for all to enjoy.

Following a week in heaven, my family and I are traveling to Israel, spending a couple weeks with my relatives and distant friends. Taking a trip on vacation, me and my friends plan to make the most of our time and book an AirBNB, traveling without our families; contending with my senior trip for the climax of my summer.

Intertwined between my trips are countless lifts, pool and beach days, kickbacks… endless experiences I am ready to make with my friends; before going to college in the fall, let’s do this one more time.