The Best Summer “Job”! 

By Kendyl Brower 

Is it really a job if every day feels like a vacation? Being a camp counselor is like being a camper but with more privileges and a paycheck. If you’ve never been to a summer camp, I highly recommend becoming a counselor—working in that environment is something I think everyone should experience at least once. Though it does require an immense amount of patience and organization skills, working as a camp counselor is immensely rewarding—you get about 12 free friendship bracelets by the end of the summer! Not to mention, all of the activities you have to manage—water skiing, sailing, arts and crafts, plays, the climbing wall, cooking—you get to participate in as well. It can get stressful being the mentor, older sister, question-answerer, and leader of about 8-15 girls, but it’s also nice having a little posse follow you around like baby ducks. Truly, the girls are super sweet and it’s amazing knowing you get to make their summer better. Even better, once you put the campers to bed, you can go have fun with the other leaders and staff. Late-night swims in the lake, midnight snacks in the lounge room, and stargazing on the porch are just a few of the many nighttime activities we leaders enjoy every night. I know the job requirements vary from place to place but I know one thing remains consistent: you will have a fun summer that is reminiscent of childhood.