Summer and Scars

By Jupiter Polevoi

It’s finally summer! For many, this means bikinis at the beach everyday, soaking up the 90 degree weather, but for some, it’s not as fun. The dreadful, blistering heat hitting against the hoodie and jeans that’s being worn to try and cover scars. Sweats at the beach while surrounded by perfect girls and their perfect bodies, wishing that fall could just come sooner. Unfortunately, the perfect summer weather that many long for is also the cause of several insecurities.

For people who struggle with body image or eating disorders- I know the summer season is hard. It’s hard not to compare yourself, and the urge to wear long sleeves in 100 degree weather can come to you. Make sure to cut down on the mirror time, toss your scale, and take frequent social media breaks. 

For people who struggle with scars- people will stare, people will gawk, and people will point things out. It’s wrong and honestly just stupid, but some people are extremely incompetent and you shouldn’t let them get to you! You have battle scars and you are so incredibly strong. 

No matter who you are or what you struggle with, remember this: you are beautiful, you are worthy, and you are loved. Keep telling yourself that until you believe it, the day will come. 

Much love, Jupiter <3.