That Summer Glow

By Valerie Wang

Besides no school and plenty of leisure, the best part of summer for me is tanning. The heat of the sun warms my skin, birds chirp, and bees buzz, but all I can think about is how finally relaxed I am. No more overload of assignments, no trace of overwhelmingness, stress, frustration, or anxiety—only my pastel blue bathing suit, neon pink picnic blanket, ice-cold bottle of water, air pods, and me. 

While tanning is all the same, getting that golden tint is best at the beach. You can switch back and forth between laying under the sun and jumping into the ocean. The sand sticks to your salty, bronze skin and your wind-blown hair. A day of salty ocean and golden sun leaves you with a huge smile across your face, and a feeling of satisfaction and giddiness. 

In addition, you can multitask while tanning. Maybe read a book, finish work, listen to music, or chat with friends. Utilize tanning to your advantages—enjoy the summer season and get things done! 

Although, don’t forget to always apply SPF sunscreen to prevent skin damage. Tanning gifts you with a summer glow that leaves you feeling warm and complete. Definite confidence booster. You could never be happier.