The Flash

By Omri Shahar

For the past couple years, The CW’s The Flash has been widely known as a corny series, filled with bad cgi, cringe-inducing acting, and a storyline full of repeated and somewhat predictable twists and turns. However, if we turn the clock back about seven years, was the first season really that bad?

Plenty can agree that this show has gone downhill. As a veteran viewer of several CW television programs, I can agree that their shows’ reputations are not great, especially in the later additions to the series. However, I feel as the general population’s opinion has infected everyone’s minds into thinking that The Flash and its sibling shows were never good. That right there, is just simply not true. Taking a look back at my time watching season one of the infamous show, I cannot deny the quick and effortless connection I made to the show and its characters. Cringy or not, the acting and special effects were enough to convince me Barry Allen was the fastest man in the world, and it was awesome! The more Barry discovered about his powers and the villainous world around him, the more I was inclined to keep watching. 

While this first season’s action did peak my interest, it was truly the storyline that made me gawk. The twist and the treacherous way in which it was played out, truly makes season 1 one of my favorites, if not my favorite, singular seasons in a TV show. Keep in mind, I watch a relatively good amount of TV, maybe a couple hours a day, depending on how busy I am. I have seen Breaking Bad, Prison Break, The 100, Black Mirror, and a bunch more serious action shows, yet this first season of The Flash somehow has my heart. If you look past the corny-ness of well…everything, and actually get invested in the plot, then you might find yourself a new show to watch. But who knows, maybe I was just young and immature and The Flash really is a dumpster fire…