By Adam Sarsfield

The latest edition to the Toy Story franchise features a reveal of Buzz Lightyears’ origin. The story’s plot appears to be a tale of how Buzz first starts out his adventures. A first look into the trailer to start the promotion of this prequel is Buzz Lightyear getting suited up with his gear for his first space voyage. It then cuts to Buzz being introduced and gives a quick look into what his world looks like. Buzz gives some exposition via voice-over. The story continues with Buzz entering a spaceship that is a sized-up version of Buzz’s original packaging from Toy Story. The background music during the trailer is phenomenal and can really bring you into the freedom of space. The scenery then changes to Buzz running away in fear of menacing-looking robots that are carrying spears. The audience is then shown a look at what Zurg is going to look like in the movie and he truly gives off a powerful aura with his heavy, metallic stomps and his resistance to Buzz’s attacks. We are then shown quick looks at different scenes of the movie to build suspense. The trailer ends with Buzz trying to sleep and a comedic moment is had with him and his robotic companion.