Tyler, The Creator Concert

By Kendyl Brower and Sophia Christensen

To kick off spring break 2022, we went to see Teezo Touchdown, Vince Staples, Kali Uchis, and Tyler, the Creator on the Sacramento Call Me If You Get Lost Tour. Here is how it all went down:  

Sophia: Seated next to a young couple, I noticed them singing whole heartedly to pretty much every song, especially to the first opener: Teezo Touchdown. I had only heard of Teezo through his feature on Tyler, the Creators’ song “RUNITUP.” He was actually a really good performer and super goofy, he had a lot of confidence and interacted a lot with the crowd. I specifically remember him playing, “I’m Just A Fan” as he encouraged us to awkwardly wave our phone flashlights back and forth. 

Kendyl: After seeing Madeline Stiffler and Emma Kidger in the line to get in, I knew the concert would be amazing. I sat next to a 10 year old boy and his mother. The duo did not seem to know any of the artists but I am sure they had a blast (though I am not sure how appropriate the artists were for this child). Teezo Touchdown put on a show, honestly, I think he may have had the second best stage presence (after Tyler of course). He ensured his legacy in all of our memories by making the crowd do a call and repeat: “I say Teezo, you say Touchdown!”

Sophia: Vince Staples was for sure singing his heart out and, though he didn’t have much regard for the crowd, he was his own hype man through and through. I think he makes great music, though I only vaguely knew a couple of songs so unfortunately, I couldn’t rap along with Vince; however, he didn’t really show much confidence in his music on stage.

Kendyl: Though Vince Staples has a beautiful voice, I did not really know his songs and his performance was lackluster. He sat down for half of his performance, and thus, I sat down as well. 

Sophia: The magnificent and gorgeous Kali Uchis came in strong, opening with “Dead To Me.” She was the key to getting people to finally stand up from their seats and sing/dance along. Her angelic voice–singing AND speaking–truly blew us away and as always, her music sounded perfect and for sure left an imprint on me.

Kendyl: My freshmen year dreams are finally fulfilled: seeing Kali Uchis perform live! Her dreamy voice entranced us both and her sparkly glitter outfit was stunning! Though many of her songs have similar tempos, Kali was able to engage the audience the entire time with eye-catching dance moves and simply, her beautiful singing. 

Sophia: My number one artist forever: Tyler, The Creator, did not disappoint whatsoever. He performed with passion and craze and he didn’t fail to perform his signature move of scarily rolling his eyes back while singing. His number one favorite song, “New Magic Wand” has now become my ultimate favorite song since he sang it with such intense energy. His third favorite song is “I Thought You Wanted To Dance,” which is such a beautiful song that I adore even more now. In every song, I felt the bass deep in my soul, all the way down to my feet, and it wouldn’t have been so if he hadn’t performed unapologetically on stage. I think I will forever hear his music differently now after being exposed to every beat, melody, and lyric he worked so hard to compose. Although he could’ve just been talking, he also said Sacramento was the best crowd he performed for, and whether he meant it or not, I’m glad to have spent my first Tyler, the Creator concert with a worthy crowd and artist. 

Kendyl: So far, I have seen Tyler, the Creator twice. The CMIYGL tour blew the IGOR tour out of the water (though IGOR was amazing). The set was insane, complete with an old-money home, blue Rolls Royce, moving boat, and desert scenery. Tyler himself danced so energetically, Sophia and I stood in awe the entire show. In particular, his performance of “New Magic Wand” was spectacular, complete with strobing lights, fire, and of course, a crazy mosh pit. Though we sat relatively far from the stage, we enjoyed watching the mosh pits go absolutely feral during Tyler’s most hype songs. My only complaint? I could not find a knock-off vendor post-concert to buy bootleg merch. 

Both: Next up, Tame Impala!