Wallowing Over This New Album 

By Emma Kidger

One of my all-time favorite bands, Wallows, just released their second official album, Tell Me That It’s Over. The alternative 10 track album contains themes of love as well as the internal conflict of doubt that can come from relationships. With lead singers Dylan Minnette and Braeden Lemasters alongside drummer Cole Preston, Wallows never fails to deliver phenomenal music that anyone can interpret to fit their mood or their own life situations. Songs like “I Don’t Want to Talk” and “That’s What I Get” contrive early 2000 alternative musical trends, familiarizing their “sound” making it seem like I’ve heard the song a billion times before. Wallow’s new album definitely differs from the band’s first album Nothing Happens which alternatively encapsulates feelings of depression, isolation, and sorrow. While the first album from 2019 was one of my favorites to repeat multiple times on end, it’s definitely only a record to pull off the shelf at specific times with different emotions. Displaying the growth and differentiation of themes, Wallows artistically addresses a variety of conversations and emotions with their alternative and indie-rock twist. If you enjoy bands like The Strokes or The Rare Occasions, I definitely suggest adding Wallows to your music library. Now that their album has been released, Wallows currently trek across the US and eventually Europe and Australia on tour. Sophomore Danielle De La Cruz was lucky enough to catch a VIP ticket to their show in San Francisco and exclaimed “they’re amazing live!” She continues, “they walked around the stage a lot, sang and played their instruments really well.” Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Wallow’s most recent album just as much as their other tracks and can’t wait until this amazing band releases another one.