You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Women 

By Emma Kidger

As if everyday life couldn’t get ANY worse, the women of America have been able to dig their $300 manicured claws and find, yet again, another “issue” to whine and complain about. On every news channel, magazine headline, or even in my casual TikTok scroll there just has to be one post of some girl, yapping about women’s rights. Like, how selfish can you be to take up five seconds of my day just to complain about yourself and your problems with our government.Why should I care? The obstacles in your everyday life have nothing to do with me, a random viewer off the internet! Women have been able to survive long enough without their naturally assumed freedom to do everything and have anything. I mean, what do women really need?

I guess the saying “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit” has just been thrown right out the window! When the leaders of this country hand out a set of laws, women just have to deal! Our highly diverse governing body of top notch 60 year old white men effortlessly represents all of America, so why do women even dare to question the men controlling women’s rights? The government nicely allowed women the right to vote but in the end they still question every little thing politicians do. If you don’t trust the politicians in charge, why didn’t you vote for someone else?! Women would rather just complain instead of actively addressing issues. Women ask for a plethora of rights yet they don’t even use them, and even when they do they find another problem which must be solved in lightspeed or else they’ll have nationwide cryfest also known as a “protests.”

The cutesy feminists and activists argue for the government to further protect womens rights and ultimatley give the women of America what they want: equality. Obviously these same individuals have not tuned into reality, giving women they want just isn’t enough! It’s like if you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll want to have a glass of milk; if you give a woman her basic rights, she’ll want the power to rule the world. Are we really going to let women have this manipulative power over society? Only male supremacy has created our ever so peaceful and utopian society to which we reside. Our great nation has founding fathers not mothers! If we change our laws to give women what they want, in return we would then be taking away rights from men. With all of their rights, women would have control over their bodies, not men! With all of their rights, women have a higher chance of fulfilling top jobs and careers, not men! Allowing women to possess all of their natural rights would most definitely create complete and total chaos, rewriting a nation literally written by and made for men. 

Granting complete freedom to the problematic and selfish citizens of America, also known as women, would endlessly destroy our nation’s democracy. Alternatively, we should continue our nation’s phenomenal tradition in which men are in complete control. American women have never truly needed all of their natural rights and have proven themselves incapable of utilizing and making do with the rights they have. The endless hormonal rampages and whining must come to an end. 

I highly encourage fellow women of America to abide by the laws set by our trustworthy and generous male leaders who are oh so knowledgeable. Us women must end our riots against our nation’s leaders and government and begin living in peace and in perfect harmony with minimal freedom and even further restrictions set on our rights, it’s only fair.