Beware of Big Media

By Kendyl Brower

Communism CNN or Fascist FOX? The most imperative issue of the 21st century leaves Americans ironically uninformed amidst an information revolution. Big Media preys on susceptible citizens, forcing their radical, biased agendas into vulnerable Americans. Has journalistic integrity completely vanished? The skewed “data,” ignorant commentary, and ad hominems—near verbal abuse—leave our country misinformed and deceived. Thus, I strongly advocate for the use of sincere journalism: small independent ventures by the people, for the people.

Every major publication tangles integrity with political ties into one big knot of confusion and manipulation. Contrastingly, independent ventures on Tik Tok offer completely corruption-free content. Journalist @sleepyjoesucks accurately summates Biden’s Build Back Better with a one-minute dance routine; @trumpisachumppppp performs a highly informative and effective sock-puppet show of rising tensions in Ukraine. Evidently, both parties offer highly researched and engaging pieces that inform Americans of critical current events without succumbing to interest groups. Moreover, these Tik Tok articles reach a wider demographic of citizens, which extends accurate information nationally. Similarly, Instagram infographics offer desensitized news, complete with cat gifs and sparkly fonts. Long are the days of seeing images of harrowing brutality, eye-sore riots, and pain-inducing wars. In the modern age, we can educate ourselves through glamourized, bearable content. 

Other reliable sources like QAnon offer amazing analyses of real-life events that expose corrupt politicians. QAnon has a record of immensely successful and objective conspiracies turned realities, providing the investigative journalism that big publications today lack. Their Pizzagate exposé revealed the Satan-worshipping, elitist, child sex ring that many notable figures such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Hanks, and Pope Francis were involved in. QAnon released raw evidence of the crimes, from non-edited documentation to authentic, insider scoop footage—the proof has never been more clear. These prominent figures not only molested children but consumed their victims to obtain adrenochrome, a life-extending chemical compound according to esteemed scientist and QAnon member, @rightwiingbaddie24. Perhaps most importantly, QAnon was the brains behind the fight for justice on January 6, 2021, in which informed citizens peacefully protested the unscrupulous inauguration of Joe Biden. With reliable sources such as QAnon and other independent sources, activists can organize, facilitate, and carry out trailblazing movements such as the Capitol demonstration.

Hubs of information from personal experiences, or blogs, also provide scientific evidence with no higher-level influence. According to, blogs offer accurate information 98.34% of the time. Autonomous studies rival that of the Pew Research Center, as online polling has scientifically proven more accurate than random sampling (my Uncle Rob). Start-up publications have no mal intentions, they advocate for the everyday workers of America. Yet, the endless list of prestigious publications persuades innocent people to adhere to their extreme agendas, perhaps to satisfy their political sponsors. 

The internet houses the truth under layers and layers of biased information, thus, it is critical to cross-reference reliable sources from blogs, Facebook groups, Tik Toks, and conspiracy websites. Utilizing these primary resources will ensure that the American population remains enlightened, functional citizens.