Humans of Westmont: Lily Bourne

By Kendall Albrecht

With multiple sports, difficult classes, and many extracurriculars, freshman Lily Bourne balances an impressively busy schedule. Not only does she play softball and field hockey for Westmont, but proves herself an important asset to her club softball team, The Quakes. 

As if her constant athleticism isn’t enough, Lily also contributes to Westmont through ASB. As the class of 2025 ASB president, Lily works hard to plan events and boost the spirit at our school. Lily says, “it’s quite a lot of work…but it’s very rewarding to see everything come together in the end.” Alongside ASB, Lily  “really enjoy[s] taking tech theater” because she is “able to do something different than [she’s] ever done before.” 

In her free time, although sparse, Lily loves to spend time with her friends, tend to her plants, and read. She also puts her smarts to use by tutoring elementary-age kids in both math and English. 

Fellow freshman and friend of Lily, Shreya Goshal, mentions, “It’s so motivating to watch Lily juggle her school and outside life…the fact that she’s always busy, yet finds ways to manage her stress and sleep responsibly is very inspiring.”

If you ever manage to catch Lily in a free moment, be sure to say hi and meet a truly amazing Westmont student.