bae Cafe

By Avalon Kelly

Located in the heart of Downtown Campbell, Best Artisan Empanadas (bae) is my favorite local cafe and lunch destination.  I can’t help but bring my friends and family to this delicious and unique location to introduce them to the most heavenly empanadas they have ever tasted.  Inspired by international cuisine, bae takes a traditional South American dish and enhances each empanada with multicultural inspiration for their fillings.  They draw inspiration from many countries, including Mexico, America, Spain, Peru, Italy, and Greece.  My personal favorite continues to be the chicken cilantro empanada, which has a delectable filling composed of perfectly cooked chicken breast, onions, Spanish paprika, and cilantro.  bae cooks each empanada by order, so you can enjoy the crispy, flaky crust fresh out of the oven.  Not only does bae sell empanadas, but also the restaurant has freshly prepared salads, pizza, calzones, coffee, and iced drinks.  Their strawberry smoothie is the perfect sweet treat for a hot summer day, while their warm Mexican mocha remains my favorite cozy drink for the winter months.  If you find yourself craving to indulge in a tasty meal at a local restaurant, try bae cafe.