Humans of Westmont: Bianca Hayes

By Valerie Wang

“Very spirited and lazy, but not in a bad way,” describes Kaitlin Nguyen, a close friend of sophomore Bianca Hayes. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Bianca, she is an outstanding individual with a bubbly personality. She never fails to put a smile on your face, and is always delighted to give a warm hug. 

The ASB Sophomore Vice President and head of the Spirit Committee, Bianca can be seen at sporting events as well as spirit rallies, busting superb dance moves, which happens to be one of her many impressive talents. Bianca is also involved in Life Crew, Best Buddies, and Girl Up. 

A queen on the field and on the court, Bianca plays both field hockey and basketball. As a teammate for Bianca, I can confidently say she makes practice more enjoyable and will always cheer the loudest for you. 

Next time you see Bianca in the hallways, holler a “Hey!” and get to know the marvelous Bianca Hayes for yourself.