By Rachell Carbajal

With over 2.71 million people, Chicago, Illinois is home to the most delicious food:the Chicago-style hot dogs. Illinois has some of the best landmarks, cities, food, and anything else you can think of. Being born in Chicago, Illinois, I know that there are many great street-foods lurking throughout the city. The best place where you can find Chicago-style hot dogs is the restaurant Portillo’s Hot Dogs.

Portillos: Portillo’s Hot Dogs has been one of the best street foods since 1963, with over 60 locations across the nations, and it is known for being in Chicago. It is mainly known for famous Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, chopped salad, and the chocolate cake shake. With over nine categories of different items on the menu, and being able to pick, eat in, and even ship across the U.S, Portillos is definitely one of the best street foods that you can ever encounter in Chicago, Illinois.