NFL Playoffs

By Adam Sarsfield

The playoffs started with the Tennesse Titans and Green Bay Packers having the first-week bye as they were the number one seed for their respective divisions. The seeds after the Titans on in the AFC went as Kansas City Cheifs, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Las Vegas Raiders, New England Patriots, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Bills, Chiefs, Bengals all advanced. The NFC playoff bracket followed the Packers as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys, Las Angeles Rams, Arizona Cardinals, San Fransico 49ers, and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Buccaneers, Rams, 49ers all advanced to the next week. In the Chiefs vs Steelers, it was a slaughter with a final score of 42-21. Most fans said that the idea of having this final seed does not bring any fun to playoffs and just have a one-sided game as the final team in the playoffs who barely made it have the play the second-best team in their division. This was also seen in the NFC as the Buccaneers dominated the Eagles with the final score coming out to 31-15. The Divisional Round for the 2022 playoffs had the Chiefs go against the Bills and the Bengals go against the Titans after came the 49ers played the Packers and the Rams play the Buccaneers. The Chiefs and Bengals moved onto the AFC championship followed by the Rams and 49ers going into the NFC championship. This week had many fans excited as the Bills played against the Cheifs. The world saw how well Patrick Mahomes can play with lots of pressure on his shoulders. He was able to make up a three-point deficit with only 13 seconds left. This was an outstanding performance but the game ended with drama as the game-tying field goal being made sent the game to an overtime period. The Chiefs won the coin toss and were able to score quickly and this gave no chance to the Bills to counter this with their own touchdown. This left many fans outraged with the rule of whoever scores first wins the game could have gone so much longer had the Bills been given a chance to continue the game. Although there was no answer by the NFL whether this rule would be changed many fans would want the rule to change. The Bengals and Chiefs game was another great performance by the two best teams in the AFC. The Bengals trailed the entire first half until Joe Burrow played his heart out throwing a touchdown right before the second quarter ended and throwing another field goal followed by a touchdown in the third quarter. This got added onto with another field goal and finally, the Chiefs answered with a field goal of their own but this only sent the game into overtime. That started a lot of the fans taking to Twitter saying that if KC got the coin toss the game is rigged for them and was not assisted by that happening. However, in a big turn of events, the Bengals picked off Mahomes in only 13 seconds and were able to secure a field goal in order to send themselves to  Super Bowl LVI, 56, and will be the first time since 1989. This game was trailed by the 49ers against the Rams who had another hard-fought game between both teams. The teams weren’t able to score in the first quarter but went on for a touchdown by the Rams and a field goal plus a touchdown by the 49ers. During the third quarter, the 49ers were able to score and put themselves in a very heavy 10 point lead but were quickly dismantled with the Rams scoring 13 unanswered points in the fourth quarter. The Rams took the win in this close game and would set the stage for who was fighting in Super Bowl LVI and every fan of football this game will be a good game for the ages.