Charming Connecticut 

By Emma Kidger

If you’ve ever seen Gilmore Girls, you are more than well acquainted with the U.S.’s third smallest state: Connecticut. Known as the “land of steady habits,” Connecticut’s rich history and mellow neighborhoods store many unknown treasures. 

When looking at pictures of fall foliage, 99% of those pictures are of Connecticut. The state hosts the second best ranked Ivy League: Yale University. If you’re ever driving around this small state and hear a bulldog barking then you know you’ve reached Yale in New Haven. Connecticut also houses a plethora of museums and galleries just waiting to be explored. In the state capital, Hartford, you can find the Connecticut Science Center or visit Mark Twain’s house. Many politicians, scientists, and celebrities were born in Connecticut: from 43rd president George W. Bush to famous sister Katherine Hepburn. 

Connecticut sits between New York and Rhode Island, mixing together city and coastal life. Looking for an adventure outside of mellow Connecticut? The commute to the city is an hour tops and only 2 hours to the coast. However, wandering around the small cozy towns and exploring the nooks and crannies of Connecticut would definitely be enough for me.