By Rachell Carbajal

With 2022 finally arriving, so many ideas and predictions come along with this new year. Prior to 2021, many fashion junkies were predicting new trends that would come with 2022. For example, loafers, ballet flats, wide-legged pants, etc., were some of the predictions for 2022. But I personally think jumpsuits will absolutely dominate the fashion industry for at least a couple of months in 2022. With colorful tracksuits and monochrome outfits trends in 2021, jumpsuits are no different. Jumpsuits with either neutral or bold and bright colors are a completely new and fresh trend that will be in the spotlight for a while. More specifically, jumpsuits from the 70s-80s have such a great impact on what someone usually wears. Jumpsuits are also very effective and helpful to give a chic-look, they are comfortable, stretchy, much lighter, and could be the simplest jumpsuit or the most bold one. I hope this versatile piece of clothing will hit the fashion industry in 2022, and give us even more ways on how to style this cool fashion piece.