How to Express Yourself Through the Clothes You Wear

By Larena Tannert

Clothes can be an important part of who someone is, and often people wear certain clothing items to express who they are as a person. For many people, fashion is a way of self-expression, as well as a way to boost confidence and make you feel good about yourself. When you wear clothes that you feel not only cute but comfortable in, it can really impact the way you view yourself. 

It is important to never copy off of someone else’s style just because they look cute in it. Instead of trying to copy someone else’s unique style, you should be authentic and discover your own style. In order to find your own style that brings out your confident side it is important to keep your style simple. If you try to get too fancy with the things you wear it can become complicated and become too much, whereas if the clothes you wear are simple it makes accessorizing much easier. Putting your own spin on outfits can make your clothes unique, but also more suited to you specifically. Making small alterations to basic clothing can make your clothes feel personal and unique to you, which can really boost your confidence when you wear them. Another way to express yourself through clothing is by trying new things that you may have never expected yourself to try. Changing up your style with new pieces of clothing can spark new fashion ideas and overall improve your current style to make it more you. A good idea is to ignore fashion trends, to prevent falling into this idea that you have to wear clothes that are “in style” rather than the clothes that you feel best in. Rather than becoming a victim to the pressures and expectations of keeping up with the latest fashion trends, wearing the clothes that you want and that you feel the most powerful in should be your priority. The last and more important way to express yourself through fashion is to just have fun! Have fun with picking outfits and finding clothes that you enjoy. Don’t let the fear and anxiety of being judged by others affect you, just let the inner fashionista out and explore with clothing choices. Break the rules, go crazy, accessorize to the max, try out new patterns, bright colors, and whatever you do, pick your clothes for you, not anyone else!