By Collin Murray

Nowadays, it’s almost like it’s still not enough to be sporting all the most popular brands and the trendy new styles. I’m sure everyone reading knows that vintage clothing is all the rage as of right now, and for a lot of people, buying vintage can give them a good looking outfit without breaking the bank. 

One such vintage brand that seems to have a lot of popularity currently is Patagonia. Although it is true that Patagonia is still a thriving business, many opt to search for some of their older pieces in thrift stores or online, going for that vintage outdoorsy look. If you’ve paid attention to fashion at all recently, I’m sure you’ve seen a fluffy-looking Patagonia fleece with vibrant colors all over, maybe a native pattern or something similar. This seems to be a popular item among vintage buyers, but there are many other items made by Patagonia (vintage or not) that could definitely give anyone that specific look they’ve been looking for. Not only do vintage pieces give a timeless look, but buyers also don’t have to shell out half their paycheck for a cool jacket. Many items can be found for dirt cheap at places such as the aforementioned.