Spider Man No Way Home: Review

By Eric Vallen

Director Jon Watts has delivered a truly unique film, even in perspective of the gargantuan standards that Marvel movies set for themselves.  In spite of such expectations Watts and his team avoided getting weighed down by the expectations fans have for this film, managing to avoid the plot traps of other crowded part threes. Of course, “No Way Home” is crowded to an extent,, inventive, entertaining, and pure fun on the screen. The movie’s final act is especially amazing, paying off emotional arcs from characters viewers may have forgotten about. “No Way Home” picks up immediately after the end of “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” with Mysterio revealing the identity Spider Man, which means nothing will ever be the same for Peter Parker . Of course, Peter’s friends and family are particularly affected by this reveal, leading to certain consequences among their personal lives. However, Peter has a plan, intending to ask Doctor Strange to perform a spell, reversing or erasing the memory of him being spider man in the people of the world. However, the spell backfires due to Peter’s wants, and the recurring line of  “with great power comes great responsibility” becomes prevalent. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is about the modern Peter Parker learning what that phrase means. Parker has to grow up and deal with not just the fame that comes with Spider-Man but how his decisions will have more impact on the world as a whole. “No way Home” is about the weight of heroic decisions. Even the right ones mean you may not be able to go home again. Besides the story, the action here has a certain fluidity that’s as the camera swoops and dives with spider man. Also, the big final showdown doesn’t submit to the hollow trope of typical superhero endings either. The story has emotional weight, which is in all honesty rare in the MCU. This is the first of these three films that has allowed Zendaya and Holland’s chemistry to shine, which adds loads of emotion to the story. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” could have just been a typical cash grab superhero movie, but it’s more than trailers and media outlets would make you believe. It’s a realistic portrayal of the struggles a superhero would go through, a gritty feeling that makes that final payoff so much more emotionally valuable