The Best Valentine’s Day Chocolates

By Olivia Pocat

Valentine’s Day always proves to be a time filled with candy and delicious treats. Whether your valentine or your friends give you delicious chocolates, here are some of the best chocolates to enjoy on this holiday.

Lindt by Lindor

These delectable chocolates are circle shaped and feature a delicious cream when you bite into them. They are my favorite Valentine’s Day chocolate because of how yummy they are and how cute they look in their candy packaging.

Dove Hearts

These heart shaped chocolates are so good and so creamy. Although the shape of the candy shouldn’t affect their taste, I think that it makes the candies taste better because the heart shape matches the holiday vibe.

Godiva Goldmark

These assorted chocolates are featured inside of a pink delicious heart. The packaging is pretty enough to get them on this list, and the delicious variety of chocolates inside are the cherry on top.

Ghirardelli Squares

These iconic candies are always yummy, especially around Valentine’s Day. The iconic square shape and delicious flavors make this chocolate the best to enjoy on this holiday.

See’s Candies

See’s candies proves to be a fan favorite with their large variety of candy and chocolates that they provide. Their valentines day chocolate box is adorable and features yummy chocolates inside.