Crema Cafe 

By Kendyl Brower and Sophia Christensen 

On our hunt for the best local cafe, we hit up ten different spots, rating environment, hours, location, and most importantly, coffee. After countless hours and too many lattes to count, we have granted Crema Cafe the honor of being our regular coffee shop. With an eclectic variety of beverages and a warm, spacious atmosphere, any student looking for a place to work and get their much-needed caffeine fix should visit Crema. 


The large tables perfectly fit your stacks of textbooks, your computer, and your drink. Furthermore, Crema has multiple seating options including beautiful outdoor booths, suitable for sunny day studying. The cafe is usually pretty empty, so you avoid the irritably aggressive hunt for a good table that often occurs at other shops. Whenever we need to work on college apps or complete our APES schoolwork, we find ourselves yearning for Crema’s academically friendly atmosphere.


If you are a night owl type, a lover of late-night cram sessions, Crema’s smaller location on Race St. is perfect for you. Closing around 7 to 8 every night, Crema has much more flexibility than many other cafes. However, this location, we warn, has one fatal flaw: no outlets. So if you plan on working on a laptop at this location, make sure to charge up beforehand. Additionally, only 0.5 miles away, Crema offers another location for early birds, which has a more bustling and bright atmosphere. The two locations offer a versatile experience, great for any worker. 


With the vibe of a small 50s midtown, the location of Crema is irresistible. Whether a gloomy or sunny day, the atmosphere ignites an inspiring and alleviating feeling. From beaming lights strung outside of stores to plants dangling from the roof of shops, the town exudes comfort. Crema stands in the middle of the midtown, surrounded by an abundance of small businesses such as Moon Zoom and Green Design, allowing for an excuse to take a break from your studies and spend some money. The location of Crema is perfect for those who bask in the home-like atmosphere of small towns and for the shopaholics who deserve a break from their rigorous studies. 


November 7, 2021–known as one of the best coffee days in the history of coffee days. Ordering four coffees in one day, we have the experience and knowledge of the best-tasting coffees on Crema’s menu.  The rich nutty flavor of the Almond Roca Latte and the sweet fruity flavor of the Raspberry White Mocha gives je ne sais quoi. Not to mention, Crema also specializes in Holiday drinks. Offering perfected Gingerbread and Peppermint Lattes, the rush of Holiday cheer warms your belly and fills you with joy. And the Holiday spirit lives on through Crema’s diverse choice of fall and winter cookies, along with impeccably-crafted quiche. The originality goes on and on as Crema offers a multitude of different coffee flavors that might just be your cup of tea.