Bleed Orange!

By Kendyl Brower

Located in Syracuse, New York, the accurately named Syracuse University is a private research university with over 20,000 students. With 13 schools, Syracuse offers 200 majors and 100 minors. Communication, Journalism, Business, Management, and Psychology are the most popular majors. The Newhouse School of Communications proves most notable, as it contains high tech facilities and according to The Princeton Review, is home to the number one college newspaper, The Daily Orange. SU’s campus is fairly large, with beautiful architecture at every turn. The majority of students live on campus, and can walk, take a bus, or use the SU trolley to travel around school. Yet, the major reason why students love SU is the top-tier community, full of vibrant school spirit and an emphasis on alumni relationships. Syracuse students often deck out in orange, or “bleed orange,” cheering on various D1 athletic teams and their mascot, Otto the Orange. Greek life is major at Syracuse, as SU is consistently ranked in the top ten best Greek life schools. As well, SU is consistently ranked in the top ten of party schools (which we all know is a very important factor in choosing a school). SU is moderately selective, with an acceptance rate that usually hovers around 60%. If all of these factors intrigued you, then I highly recommend applying via Common App before the deadline of January 5. 

When I stepped on campus, I met a security officer nicknamed “friendly” who had a massive grin. He saw me and my parents struggle to navigate campus and promptly handed us a map. This pretty much summed up my experience touring the school: friendly faces, a loving community, and caring faculty. If you are looking to continue your education in a convivial, high-energy environment, I suggest applying to Syracuse University.