Taco Bout Teaching: McWilliams

By Sophia Christensen

You may find Mr. McWilliams running off campus after school to attend his daily therapy: surfing. Rad and hilarious, Mr. McWilliams never has a dull moment in his classroom. Not only does he spread smiles across the students faces, he is also a very understanding teacher who gives students unlimited tries to perfect their grasp on math. Mr. McWilliams has the special ability of finding the perfect balance between students feeling accepted and students feeling successful in his classroom. Every day in Mr. McWilliams’ class is an adventure, as he somehow manages to make every math lesson interesting and engaging for every student. Whenever Mr. McWilliams gets mentioned among peers, a smile comes to their faces, reminded of the hilarious and rad McWilliams. 

Name: Riley McWilliams 

Subjects: IM2 and IM3

Years at Westmont: Six years

Birthplace: Ventura, CA 

High School: Some high school in San Diego

College: San Diego State 

What makes Westmont great? Rad students. 

What do you enjoy about teaching? Seeing kids at the end of the year stoked on math when they were not very fond of it before. 

Describe the perfect meal: Anything the wife doesn’t spend a lot of money on. 

What are your favorite artists? Any old school punk.

What is your favorite unit/concept/standard that you teach and why? I enjoy them all, they’re super cool. 

Gas station order: Anything with a lot of sugar. 

Favorite surfing spot: The Hook, Santa Cruz. 

What do you strongly value? My sons: Harrison, the 10 year old and Weston, the 7 year old. 

What are your sons like? They’re both feisty and a bit stubborn. 

Life philosophy: Love people. 

Catchphrases: “All me!” and “Respect Johnny Cash!”