Homerun Hailey

By Emma Kidger

Beyond her notable titles as a beloved Prius driver, studious pupil, and funniest blonde, senior Hailey Abdilla also shines in multiple fields of athletics. While during the winter you will find Hailey on the soccer field, in the spring she will be found in her natural habitat: the softball field. Hailey began playing both soccer and softball at the young age of five. Since then she has continued to thrive and grow as an athlete to make the varsity softball team for all 4 years and the varsity soccer team for 2 years. Hailey never fails to express how she loves “her teammates and the turf burns.” When she retires her spot on Westmont teams she hopes to continue dedicating her time to her beloved sports through intramural sports in college. When asked about Hailey and her athletic accomplishments, ASB president and Life Crew Captain Lindsay Der asked “who’s Hailey?” Hailey profoundly explains how her fellow athletes should continue to “work hard and enjoy every minute of it, it’ll be over before you know it.” Don’t forget to stop by the next varsity girls soccer game to cheer for Hailey and her talented teammates !