30, Flirty, and Thriving  

By Emma Kidger and Madeleine Stiffler 

After just five years since her last album, Adele has made a comeback with the new jaw dropping album 30. Discussing topics of her divorce, motherhood, and finding love again, the 12 songs on Adele’s newest album left us heartbroken, but inspired. While her iconic singles such as “Chasing Pavements” and “Someone Like You” can never truly be topped, 30 has set a new precedent for her future endeavours. 

Never failing to be vulnerable and throw her heart into her productions, Adele seizes her audience’s attention by tugging on their heartstrings. As she approached a new chapter in her life riddled with tribulations, Adele mapped out her album by noting her experiences with marriage and motherhood. Despite 30 revolving around distress, Adele consistently expressed how she grew as a woman as a result of her pain and  sorrowful experiences, further proving the experiences do not define her. 

In songs like “My Little Love” and “Hold On” she features recorded voicemails and messages, connecting her to her listeners by displaying real life scenarios. As the album progresses, the tone, lyrics, and tempo transform to display Adele’s introspective journey, shedding light on her positive attributes despite experiencing intense devastation. Beginning with a sorrowful reflection, the album  ends with hope and excitement for the new things the artist  will learn in future relationships with herself and others. Undoubtedly, 30 is less about heartbreak itself and inturn, focuses more on how growth and transformation follows even the most disastrous breakups and challenges.