Polo G “Pop[s] Out” in SF

By Barry Hirshfeld

After experiencing an encapsulating performance in Oakland by Lil Baby and Lil Durk, I eagerly waited for another opportunity to view more of my favorite artists in concert. When Polo G’s Hall of Fame tour was announced, I instantly began searching for locations and tickets; my eyes excitedly glittered around my phone screen searching for the capital “CA.”

Known by most for his hit single “Pop Out” featuring Lil Tjay, Polo G has recently been a prominent topic of discussion in the rap world. Consistently dropping high quality music, Polo maintains his relevancy, although unable to reach the same peak he did in 2019; Die a Legend will always remain an unmatched classic.

Reaching the Warfield theater at 7:15 pm, fifteen minutes after doors opened, me and my friends unsurprisingly waited half an hour in a line stretching around the block. Opening, Hotboii and Scorey did anything but disappoint. Two up and coming youthful artists, they entertainingly sang songs many in attendance did not know, instilling a sense of excitement and wonder in the crowd. Possessing general admissions floor tickets, we impatiently pushed and bustled towards the front of the stage during the first performances.

After an hour and a half of anticipation, Polo G entered the arena in style. Strouting nonchalantly, he walked to the front of the stage performing “Flex” featuring Juice Wrld––may he rest in peace. Energetically singing songs I have been playing on replay for the past few years, Polo G’s recital was astounding. While the venue remained too small for an artist of his caliber, I excitingly found myself within less than ten feet of his presence. His best performance was “Goat Talk 2.” Hotboii exuberantly reappeared on stage as the beat began, and started filming videos with fans’ phones. “Goat Talk 2” is a relatively new song which the majority of the crowd did not know, allowing me, Adonis Lopez, and Ben Shwartzman to lead the way. We simultaneously sang every lyric, leaving surrounding fans in awe, putting on a show of our own. Honorable mentions go out to “Finer Things” and “Dyin Breed,” classic songs from Polo’s debut album Die a Legend, which elicited vivacious sentiments among fans… and mosh pits.

Ultimately, the concert rose far above all of my expectations. Scorey and Hotboii opening acts perfectly prepared the crowd for Polo G’s appearance, and complimented his own performance. I hope to see Polo G live again as he further develops in the next few years, as well as many more of my favorite artists in concert.