Flipping Out

By Lindsay Der and Hailey Abdilla

Despite the disadvantage of standing at 5 feet 2 inches, Senior Ashlyn Yee continues to prove that size doesn’t matter with her impressive athletic prowess and dedication. You may see Ashlyn flipping up and down the track during football games or being tossed in the air at rallies. Having cheered since age 4, Ashlyn currently participates on two cheer teams: the Westmont team as well as a competitive team at Almaden Spirit Athletics. After cheering and dancing at ASA for five years, Ashlyn finally caved and joined Westmont’s team for her final year of high school. In addition to competing on a team at ASA, Ashlyn maintains a job as the coach of her own gaggle of gals. A true testament to her athleticism and dedication, Ashlyn’s schedule balances two cheerleading teams, four AP courses, and a job. In a typical week of Ashlyn’s impressive life, she attends eight practices, totalling to 17 hours. As fellow Westmont athlete, Justin Temple, explains, “Ashlyn is one of the most committed and hard-working people I’ve ever known.” Not only does Ashlyn serve as an inspiration to all those she meets, she can also be good for a laugh, always providing gut-busting humor, if not slightly cynical. Westmont cheerleader Sammy Binns elaborates on Ashlyns character stating “Ashlyn is hilarious in and out of the gym, never failing to put a smile on our faces and always prepared with a witty remark.” Not only does Ashlyn excel in the gym and with her peers, she works hard in the classroom as well maintaining an incredibly high GPA and a heavy course load. Ashlyn has been described by her former APUSH teacher, Christopher Mock as “a pleasure to have in class.” Ashlyn works hard and she reaps the benefits too; cheer has given Ashlyn the opportunity to travel all across the country for competitions including a full paid invitation to nationals in Orlando, Florida, where she has gotten first place two times. Ashlyn’s agility as an acrobatic athlete always awes audiences. Go Ashlyn!