Swole Swalve

By Sophia Christensen and Kayla Kim

Star Athlete, Marcus Swalve, serves as a dedicated runner and player for Westmont High School. Marcus dominates in track and field while also contributing immensely to the football team. Running consecutively for six years adds to Marcus’ impeccable and unique talent on the track. Additionally, with only two years of football under his belt, he still manages to sweep the Westmont football field. As one of the leaders on the track team, he maintains high morale and helps others to be strong athletes.

Sophomore Ethan Chuang describes Marcus as “a great leader out on the track, coaching and helping new people. He is great at motivating athletes to finish by leading by example.” As leaders should,  Marcus leads by example which drives others to work hard and put in their best effort. Many underclassmen look up to him because of his hard work and dedication to the track team. “I’ve been running with and against Marcus since middle school, now that we are seniors he has become such an amazing leader for the team and led us through numerous gold medal runs with members of the entire team,” states Ian Grosch, Marcus’ fellow athlete and classmate. Even throughout middle school, Marcus has committed to being strong competition for his fellow teammates, challenging them in a healthy way. As a stellar athlete, he has shown his consistency as a competitor and leader throughout all 4 years of high school. Playing cornerback, Marcus is consistent in effort and skill and continues to do so even in his last year of high school football.  Fellow teammate Quinn Hoang comments that “he works hard and tries really hard to be focused and to know not only what he has to do but what others have to do as well so he could help out the team if needed.” Even while suffering from an injury, Marcus goes to practices, showing exceptional sportsmanship by supporting his fellow teammates. Support Marcus and the rest of the football team at Westmont against Leigh High School on September 23 at 7 P.M.