Terrance Laird

By Ian Grosch

Terrance Laird once again proved to the track and field world that he is out to get some major titles. He’s achieved  many accolades in a single season, being the fastest 200m sprinter this year clocking a time of 19.81 seconds. Along with his insane 100m dash reaching the prestigious sub-10 second limit, Terrance Laird has been knocking down nearly every sprinting event with great fashion. However, these races are nothing compared to his anchor leg in the recent relay.

The day of one of the very first meets in the season, LSU was set to run the 4×100 relay against a numerous number of talented schools. In this race, Terrance Laird ran a sensational split time of 8.87 seconds. This split is such a great achievement that it challenges Usain Bolt’s speed. In 2018, Usain Bolt ran the fastest 4x100m relay split of all time, running his leg at 8.65 seconds. Laird definitely has the chance to challenge some of the greatest sprinters in Tokyo 2021.

Terrance Laird’s accomplishments throughout his senior year at LSU have caught the eyes of numerous people across the world. There may be a great possibility that he will achieve gold at the olympics in his future career.