Multi-Sport Athletes at Westmont

By Jacqui McLean

Being a student athlete is already a difficult task, but pair it with multiple sports and a pandemic and it becomes even harder. With sports seasons condensed this year it is a particularly difficult year to be a multi-sport athlete. Nonetheless, many athletes on campus have persevered and have managed to pursue multiple sports. 

Due to rule changes allowing athletes to play numerous sports at the same time there has been a surge in athletic activity on campus. Countless students have decided to play multiple sports; generally played in different seasons, and all within the span of the last few months of school. However this choice does not come without struggle. Sophomore Zach Taylor, a football, track, and basketball player, explains that the most difficult part of playing multiple sports at once is “trying to balance sports, school, and life.” It is very draining to go from one practice to the next, and then have to find time to fit in studying and homework. It also takes a lot of negotiating and planning with coaches to make sure they are supportive of their multi-sport athletes. As track, soccer, cheer, and basketball player, Maddie Yazalina explains that a lot of planning is involved due to “practices [overlapping] which causes [her] to miss practices sometimes, which can be hard on the team.” It is not easy to be a multi-sport athlete but the rush of scoring the game winning touchdown, crossing the finish line first, or holding up a trophy with the team makes it worth it. 

This year has been a struggle for Westmont’s athletes, but they are persevering and making the best out of the situation. Goodluck to all those athletes out there taking on the challenge of being a multi-sport athlete. Go Warriors!